Leazes Homes is committed to providing quality housing for those in need across Newcastle, but our commitment to our tenants doesn’t stop with a warm room and protection from the elements.

We are equally concerned with all aspects of your tenancy. So we have Karbon Homes, who manage around 32,000 homes across the North East and Yorkshire, to deliver a number of important services on our behalf.

Lots of support is available from YHN

Lots of support is available from YHN

Follow the links below to read more about the different services available to you as a Leazes Homes tenant.

  • Your rent account – you have a responsibility to keep this up to date, which is set out in your tenancy agreement. You can read more about that and the services that can help you here. 
  • Advice and support service – this team can help you to sustain your tenancy, one of their areas of work is to help prevent homelessness. Find out more about advice and support. 
  • Changes to the benefits system – there have been many changes recently which could affect you and your family, from the benefit cap to Universal Credit, you can read much more information here.
  • Anti-social behaviour – if you have any concerns about ASB where you live click here to find out how the team at Karbon Homes can help.
  • Aids and adaptations – click here to find out more about our approach to adding aids or making adaptations to your Leazes Homes property.
  • Ostara – this is an important 24-hour service that helps vulnerable people to feel safe while continuing to live independently and it doesn’t just apply to tenants – if you’re worried about a loved one who is not a Leazes Homes tenants they may still be able to benefit. Find out more here

If you are moving into a Leazes Homes property, find out more about services here.

You can also find out how to report a repair and how you can get in touch with us regarding general Leazes Homes enquiries here.