Leazes Homes’ Board meets bi-monthly and members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings.

Meetings dates are set out below and the agendas are published on this page too.

Leazes Homes has also set up an Audit Committee, which is chaired by an independent professional to make sure that an effective internal control system is maintained.

The charity’s governing document is its Articles of Association, you can click the link to view.

2021 Board meeting dates:

The dates for Leazes Homes’ Board meetings in 2021 are as follows:

Monday  1 February 2021  10.00 am

Monday  12 April 2021        10.00 am

Monday  7 June 2021         10.00 am

Monday  2 August 2021      10.00 am

Monday  4 October 2021    10.00 am (AGM followed by Board meeting)

Monday 6 December 2021 10.00 am

You can read published Leazes Homes Board agendas below. To enquire about receiving copies of other board papers please contact us.

  • Board agenda 1 October 2018

    Sun, 23 Sep 2018

    The agenda for October's Board meeting

  • Board agenda 6 August 2018

    Thu, 2 Aug 2018

    The agenda for August's Board meeting

  • Special Board agenda July 2018

    Mon, 25 Jun 2018

    The agenda for a special Board meeting held in July 2018

  • Board agenda 4 June 2018

    Mon, 28 May 2018

    The agenda for June's Board meeting

  • Board agenda 9 April 2018

    Thu, 5 Apr 2018

    The agenda for April's Board meeting

  • Board agenda 19 February 2018

    Tue, 13 Feb 2018

    The agenda for February's Board meeting