In 2021, Leazes Homes Board made a decision to join the Group structure of Your Homes Newcastle (YHN). As a resident, this made no difference to your tenancy which remained with Leazes Homes, but it did mean that all of the services you would, receive would be delivered by YHN.

YHN is a company owned by Newcastle City Council, who set it up as an Arms Length Management Company (ALMO) in 2004 to provide all council housing management services on their behalf. The Council decided to review this arrangement last year and a review has been ongoing for the last 9 months or so. On 24 July, the Council will present a report to their Cabinet outlining the options available to it. The preferred option, as confirmed by the Council, is to take the management of housing services back in-house so that the Council would deliver these services directly.

Unfortunately, this decision would have an impact on Leazes Homes and its tenants as we need to consider the options for the future delivery of services as a Registered Provider.

In the meantime, what I can say is that our customers and communities are really at the heart of everything YHN do and their service and support to you will not be affected.

Once a decision is reached on 24 July, and we have more information we will write to you again to keep you updated.