Jubilee Court tenants turn medics!

First aid training at Jubliee Court

First aid training at Jubliee Court

Three young mums living at Jubilee Court have received some advanced emergency first aid training from St. John’s Ambulance

  This was a very useful session and provided information on topics such as choking, passing out, allergic reactions and other basic first aid. Jubilee Court tenants requested the session at one of their monthly meetings after the child of one of the mums in the block collapsed and started fitting. In a state of panic, she sought help from other tenants as she didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, some of the other tenants were able to help and they called for an ambulance, calmed the child’s mum down and helped to cool the child down as she was overheating in the warm weather. Tenants and staff both felt it would be beneficial if all tenants could have this training available so they would know how to respond if any future incidents occurred, either with their own children or with their neighbours’ children.
ubliee Court tenant learning first aids skills

Jubliee Court tenant learning first aids skills

The parents were very inquisitive and Dave, the instructor, was very good at answering questions making it personal to their own lifestyles. They all learnt something new and said they found the session very useful and beneficial. One of the parents is even thinking of signing up to St John’s Ambulance as a volunteer as she found it so interesting!   St John Ambulance Logo